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Over the last several decades, our specialists have prescribed many different over the counter and prescription eyelid twitching medications. In their practices, they have preferred to start low in strength and work their way up to more powerful treatments should the condtion persist. In almost all of the patients they have treated, the first over the counter treatment worked! You now have the benefit of years of experince in treating eyelid twitching at your disposal. Below we list those common causes along with a very simple to understand matrix of the treatments recommended and their overall effectiveness. Why not start today?

Common Causes Check List

  • Eye Strain
  • Dry Eyes
  • Spasms Caused by Stress
  • Seasonal Allergies & Antihistamine Use

Treatment Matrix

Cause Treatable Recommended Treatment Non-Prescription Effectiveness
Eye Strain YES Natural Moisturizing Wash YES 92%
Dry Eyes YES Natural Moisturizing Wash YES 98%
Stress YES Herbal Relaxation Supplements YES 89%
Alergies YES Natural Moisturizing Wash YES 91%


As stated before, the cases we've seen have almost always been immediately cleared up by using the least powerful and natural treatments available. The homeopathic eyewash and muscle relaxer below have proved to be extremely effective in bringing relief to eyelid twitch sufferers. We are sure you will agree. These products can be found at Native Remedies, a trusted name in all natural homeopathic remedies.



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spacerI've been battling eyelid twitching in my left eye since I was 9 years old. After over 10 years of enduring the discomfort of this awkward condition I have finally found relief. The specialists I've seen over the years all told the same story- I have to live with it....until now. I'm now free of the twitching!

Elizabeth Dorskey - Ann Arbor, MI